Automated Hospital Logistics 

How hospital storage systems save time and money while delivering improved patient care

When designing and building a hospital, every detail matters, from ensuring the best patient and staff experience to an efficient supply chain of consumables and medical equipment. To deliver completely fit for purpose healthcare facilities that deliver financial, productivity and space savings, logistics must be considered from the outset.

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The Benefits of Smart Hospital Logistics 



Healthcare storage systems optimize hospital logistics alongside improved patient care by providing a central storage and retrieval point. The automated storage solutions can be easily accessed and deliver stock – consumables and equipment – quickly and securely.

Automated storage solutions can be retrofitted to existing healthcare facilities or included as part of new hospital design, providing a central space that can be accessed across multiple floors. 

Hospital Logistics Guide: Smart Hospital Solutions

With automated storage systems, healthcare professionals get faster access to medical equipment resulting in less time off the ward and more time spent on patients. 

Read our hospital logistics guide on how automated hospital storage solutions contribute to improved patient care.

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Case Study: Karlstad Central Hospital

By using smart inventory management and automated storage solutions, Karlstad Central Hospital in Sweden cut costs, increased bed space and enabled its healthcare professional to spend more time on patient care:

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Expert Talk: Smart Hospital Logistics

Learn from the experts how storage automation can help to overcome everyday hospital logistics challenges. Johan Palm, Solution Design Manager at Kardex Remstar Nordics, shares his extensive experience.


To learn more on how a Kardex Remstar Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can save your hospital time, money and space, contact our dedicated healthcare team now:

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