1. System Performance Improvements

Display LED-Navigator

Now in color, this new high resolution pick-to-light system access provides better readability, additional order information and access ready indication.

The Display LED-Navigator is an efficient order picking display-assistant designed to enhance the user’s picking experience with the Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttle. Using LED Technology, it uses light to communicate event-related information to the operator at exactly the right time.

Additionally, the LED-Navigator indicates to the operator when the Kardex Shuttle access is ready for picking, avoiding early operator reach-ins that trip the safety light barrier. By avoiding multiple safety resets, the operator is faster and more productive.

This new feature simplifies human-machine-cooperation and improves picking efficiency, picking accuracy, and process reliability. The order picking display assistant complements existing  Kardex Remstar technologies and takes your warehouse picking performance to the next level.



Download the LED-Navigator Retrofit Brochure for further details.


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