1. Inventory Management Strategies

High-Density Buffering

Operations use buffer systems when their manufacturing process includes a wait or hold step (waiting for paint to dry), or their material handling process requires reserve inventory to absorb expected variations in demand. Common buffer systems such as mini-load automated storage and retrieval machines and multi-shuttle solutions manage buffer inventory well but come with a hefty price tag.

While these solutions work well in larger operations, they are not able to scale down to handle smaller volumes cost effectively. The Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer is specifically engineered to buffer up to 10,000 totes both cost-effectively and energy efficiently.


A cost effective solution

The Kardex Compact Buffer is an enclosed shelving system where product is accessed by a movable mast that travels the aisle to store and retrieve totes from predetermined locations. Totes can be delivered to a variety of access points (picking station or automatic conveyor connection) per the operator’s requirements. Each unit can be fitted with up to four access openings.

The Kardex Compact Buffer is designed to buffer less than 25,000 SKUs or 10,000 totes. It handles two standard totes sizes - 600x400mm and 640x440mm. Totes can be further sub-divided to maximize SKU capacity - easily accommodating 25,000 SKUs in 10,000 totes.

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