1. Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

How should you evaluate a material handling service provider?

When interviewing automation service providers, here are some questions to ask.

Do you have access to Kardex Remstar parts and replacement components? Only authorized service providers can obtain parts directly from Kardex Remstar. Independent technicians cannot buy new parts direct from Kardex Remstar. Often, non-certified independent technicians utilize used parts purchased from a secondary marketplace.

Are your technicians certified to work on my specific machine? Ensure they are certified to work on Kardex Remstar equipment, on the specific equipment you have. Ask to see their certification - all Kardex Remstar certified service providers will have it handy!

What level of service will this equipment need going forward? A reputable service provider will recommend a minimum standard 2 preventative maintenance visits a year. If your machines operate in a specialized environment, have a high frequency of use, or are supporting a specialized application, the service provider might recommend an increased preventive maintenance frequency.

What tiers of service do you offer? Most service providers price their service offerings in tiers designed to meet your operational goals. Understand what a potential service provider will deliver on in terms of time frames and the availability of qualified, trained technicians.

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