1. System Performance Improvements

Kardex Intelligent Analytics

Keep tabs on your operations with real-time information at your fingertips.

Newly available, Kardex Intelligent Analytics integrates with your existing Kardex Remstar ASRS solution to provide an intelligent, analytical view of your operations – anywhere, anytime.

  • Standard & Customized Reporting
  • Industry Standard Security
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Connection to Other Systems via API

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Standard & Customized Reporting

Adjust time ranges, add thresholds and export in a variety of different formats.

  • Create snapshots of your report data over time
  • Automate the emailing of key reports on a regular basis
  • Create full color, bar, pie and line charts
  • Pull data in JSON format through the API

Industry standard security

All traffic is routed through an internal we servicer and an authenticated API, so there is no change of data being accessed without permission.

  • Ubuntu/Nginx web server
  • No file access to your network
  • User login and history
  • No internet connection needed

Apps & Integrations

Find the customization you need within the growing library of apps. Each app is designed to extend the power of your storage system and give you control.

  • Order Builder to create orders and lines
  • Order Processor to pick and put materials
  • Variance to keep inventory in sync
  • Spreadsheets to create and export data
  • SMS/Email to get alerts and notifications
  • Count Orders to prevent inventory issues

Connect to other systems
In addition to our interface, Kardex Intelligent Analytics offers a fully featured API to your Kardex Power Pick System so you can build to your specifications.


Download the Kardex Intelligent Analytics Brochure here!