1. Kardex Inventory Management Software

How do you load the license file in the Kardex Power Pick System?

Step by step directions to loading the license file in your Kardex Power Pick System

  1. Copy the License file to a location accessible by to the Kardex Power Pick System workstation/Server.
  2. Start the Kardex Power Pick System, and click “Help”
  3. Select “Set License “
    Laod License File_1
  4. Click “Yes”
    Laod License File_2
  5. Locate the file that was saved in step 1.
    Laod License File_3
    Laod License File_4
  6. Select the file, and click “Open”
    Laod License File_5
  7. Click “OK”, the Kardex Power Pick System will restart, and the License will become active.

Download these directions in PDF here.


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