1. Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

What qualifications do Kardex Remstar factory certified technicians have?

Kardex Remstar certified technicians are trained, tested and supported on a regular basis.

Kardex Remstar authorized technicians have been trained and certified by us to service and repair specific machine types and controllers. Our certified technicians receive on-going, updated training—typically annually—as new features and functions are introduced. Conversely, independent technicians who are uncertified have not been properly trained and could cause further damage to a machine.

Further, they are trained in all accepted safety practices as established by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards. Most technicians are additionally certified for fall protection and operation of scissor lifts and forklifts.

Please ask the service technician for certification documentation at any time!


Download: Learn Why Factory Certified Technicians Make a Difference