1. Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Who can perform maintenance on Kardex Remstar equipment?

For safety reasons, we recommend only a factory approved and certified technician work on your Kardex Remstar equipment.

To ensure your warranty is kept intact, all service work in the first 2 years must be performed by a certified Kardex Remstar technician. For a list of our certified technicians in your area, contact us.

Although many operations would prefer to have their in-house technicians perform all MRO activities throughout a facility, including work on Kardex Remstar equipment, we ultimately advise against it. That’s because our authorized service technicians have a broad range of training qualifications relative to specifically to our  equipment, and more importantly they work on Kardex Remstar machines every day.

Learn why "factory certified technicians" make a difference.

Moreover, our equipment is extremely reliable – meaning even if your internal technician is trained on how to maintain and repair our machines, they will rarely need to do so. This makes their training quickly out of date and difficult to recall. That said, however, in certain instances, we will agree to train and certify your in-house technician to work on the equipment (specifically for facilities with a large number of machines).

However, we can equip your on-site maintenance technicians with a bit more information and diagnostic training on our machines. For example, providing details on how to identify and correct the ten most common controller errors that can be caused by an operator mistake; or by training them to better answer questions asked by remote support technicians in order to more quickly diagnose and assess the degree of severity of an issue. Both approaches avoid the need for in-house personnel to open the machine, fix or replace any parts.