Megamat RS
Vertical Carousel

Elevate your storage with the best-in-class Megamat RS.  

  • 60+ years of proven excellence and reliability
  • Largest certified technician network to maximize uptime
  • Modular design for any application or environment



pick accuracy


labor force reduction


ergonomic access


floor space savings

How Do Vertical Carousels Work?



The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel has been designed to accommodate a wide range of storage materials for industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse operations.


Megamat RS Product Family


Megamat RS 180

For Textiles and Small Parts

Megamat RS 180

Unit Dimensions

Width: 74 to 153 in
Depth: 49 to 64 in
Height: 49 to 296 in

Carrier Dimensions

Width: 49 to 128 in
Depth: 8 to 14 in
Max Load: 396 lbs


Megamat RS 350

For Medium-Sized Loads

Megamat RS 350

Unit Dimensions

Width: 74 to 168 in
Depth: 50 to 66 in
Height: 93 to 394 in

Carrier Dimensions

Width: 49 to 144 in
Height: 9 to 19 in
Max Load: 770 lbs


Megamat RS 650

For Heavy Loads

Megamat RS 650

Unit Dimensions

Width: 78 to 168 in
Depth: 52 to 67 in
Height: 93 to 394 in

Carrier Dimensions

Width: 78 to 140 in
Height: 10 to 18 in
Max Load: 1430 lbs



Megamat RS Benefits

  • Faster access times for increased productivity
  • Perfect for managing like-sized parts
  • Saves up to 75% floor space by utilizing full ceiling height
  • Secure access and protection of stored goods
  • Improved ergonomics with goods-to-person delivery
  • Custom built for any application or environment

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"With the additional capacity we’ve gained from the Megamat RS carousels, we will be able to sustain years of additional growth."

Colleen Faulknor, VP of Administration, Heyco

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