Elevate your storage with the best-in-class Shuttle XP VLM

  • 99.9%

    pick accuracy

  • 67%

    labor force reduction

  • 85%

    floor space savings


pick accuracy


labor force reduction


floor space savings

How Do Vertical Lift Modules Work?

The Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module is a high-density storage system designed to meet a broad range of applications in several different industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse operations.


Shuttle XP VLM Benefits

  • Faster access times
  • Perfect for variable or changing part sizes
  • Saves up to 85% floor space by utilizing full ceiling height
  • Dynamic shelving maximizes storage density
  • Secure access and protection of stored goods
  • Improved ergonomics with goods-to-person delivery
  • Custom built for any application or environment


Shuttle XP VLM Models

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Shuttle XP 200/250

Flexible solution for small parts and lightweight goods

The Shuttle XP 250/500 is a flexible solution for storing and easily accessing small-volume articles. With a tray width of 4,050 mm, it loads up to 560 kg per tray. The Shuttle XP 250/500's compact unit design allows it to adapt to space requirements, offering maximum storage volume in minimum floor space and a maximum height of 30 meters. As a further option, the system easily modifies to a wide range of requirements. For example, for storing goods in air-conditioned units or under clean room conditions.

Shuttle XP 700

Highly compact storage for medium loads

The Shuttle XP 700 stores and retrieves goods. With a tray width of 4,050 mm, it loads up to 725 kg per tray. It adjusts to a device height of 20,050 mm making it suitable for large storage volumes. The Shuttle XP 700 is ideal for efficiently storing and easily retrieving heavy tools, components, or spare parts. It is extremely flexible thanks to a number of different options that easily integrate before or after installation. The units can expand, decrease, modify, or adapt in various ways to cater to changing needs including operational reasons, a new application, or a relocation.

Shuttle XP 1000

Manage heavy duty loads up to 1,000 kg

Unparalleled high performance. With a tray width of 4,050 mm, it loads up to 825 kg per tray. Achieving new load-carrying capacity standards, it's ideal for storing medium-heavy to heavy parts. Using a forklift truck, stack and store EURO pallets and mesh boxes in special trays. This saves space and makes it possible to find goods faster, helping to lower costs, boost productivity, and increase safety. A factory-installed crane is used to move stored goods easily, decreasing working times and costs. Optimized ergonomics and excellent safety are two important advantages and essential to employees.

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“The Shuttle XP VLMs are the most efficient way to keep parts secure, clean and organized, and in a very small and compact footprint.”

Alexander Zoller President - ZOLLER
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