1. Getting Started with Kardex Remstar

How do you prepare for installation?

You've purchased a Kardex Remstar solution - now what?

Thank you for your order – we are excited to get your new solution up and running in your facility. While we are hard at work manufacturing, shipping and delivering your shiny new automated storage and retrieval solution to you, here are some things you can start to think about to make the onsite installation and transition into your automated solution a breeze.

Our installation team will be contacting you a few weeks prior to installation to confirm the install date review our installation checklist with you. For a sneak peek at what we’ll need to discuss, see the installation checklist here.

In the meantime, the most important thing you can do to prepare for your new Kardex Remstar solution is communicate with your team on what’s coming. Here are some key people you’ll need to pull into this project if you haven’t already.

Another topic to consider during this time is your parts moving and loading plan. Included with standard installation, a few (3-5) totes, trays or carriers are loaded into the machine for testing. The rest of the totes, trays and carriers as well as all of your parts are your responsibility to load. It’s important that you have a clear internal plan how your current inventory will be moved from it’s current location and loaded into the new automated solution. This often requires a coordinated internal effort and it’s best to start early.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with parts moving and loading, it is an additional service we do provide. Contact your sales person for help and they can give you a quick estimate. Most customers find value in our parts moving and loading service – removing the internal stress and complications of doing it themselves.

In addition to how the parts will be moved and loaded, consider how the parts will be organized with in the bins, carriers and trays. During the sales process a rough organizational plan was presented, now is the time to fully develop that into a comprehensive slotting plan. In some cases it might make sense to have the bins, carriers and tray with their associated dividers delivered ahead of the machine. This allows you to pre-configure the cell sizes and in some cases start preloading inventory prior to machine installation.

Welcome - we look forward to adding you to our list of delighted Kardex Remstar customers worldwide!